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Durable, handheld plastic Date Calculator for
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Lead Time Date Wheel

(DW-W) In-House Lead Time (Weekly) Date Wheel
Shows the Date by Weeks

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Our Date Wheel is custom made from top quality plastic, so it will last for years to come, unlike others you may have seen made from cardboard. [Testimonials]

The size is 6" in diameter and it's easy to read.

1. Set arrow to start date
2. Read clockwise to number of weeks

Now you don't have to waste time figuring out when your parts will be on your dock.


You'll know immediately when you can begin shipping your product.

You'll know when you can start your prototype builds. You can quote in-house dates to your customer accurately every time.

The Date Wheel will help you calculate — quickly, easily and correctly — every time.

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License Agreement: Date Wheels are for estimating purposes. They are not precise measuring devices and should not be relied on for exact calculations. All Date Wheels may have variations of 1-3 days in either direction. Customer agrees, by placing order, to accept these variations.

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